One Way or Another Productions – Screen Players

By:  Michael D. McClellan | Let’s face facts:  When you ask the average movie buff to visualize the film industry, most immediately think Hollywood, elaborate sets, franchise blockbusters, A-List stars and multi-million-dollar budgets.  In their minds’ eye they see Elliott and E.T. airborne on that bicycle, the giant moon behind them in the velvet blue […]

Bryan Demore – Emerging Artist

By:  Michael D. McClellan | Don’t sleep on Bryan Demore.  Let’s get that out there straight away.  Introspective, articulate, nuanced, this handsome York University theatre graduate has dramatic range and acting chops to burn, going full throttle one moment and displaying a deft touch the next, his performances loaded with the stuff that draws in an […]

Wayne Federman – Last Laugh

By:  Michael D. McClellan  |  Comedians are, above all else, outside the box thinkers, that special breed of entertainer who loves nothing more than studying people and situations and then unlocking the humor inside.  They rise up from all walks of life, some of them high school dropouts, others sporting PhDs, all of them pushed […]

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